Phine-Geeks and Ferb-Nerds: UNITE!


over the last few days, all I have watch is phineas and ferb and all I want is an episode where phineas and ferb have some kind of falling out and candace flips because if they aren’t even talking to eachother they won’t build anything and she can’t bust them and all the other kids are worried because phineas and ferb are best friends and how can they be mad at eachother? So everybody helps get the two to forgive eachother. And the fight is just over something really stupid.

or maybe it was all something doof did like a ‘make-best-friends-fight-inator’ and perry destroys it without having to be asked because it’s making his boys unhappy and at the end of the episode major monogram calls him in to destroy it but carl tells him it was already destroyed and perry just crawls onto the couch across both of their laps and chatters and they go ‘oh there’s perry!’

I really like this idea!! Now I want to see it too…