Phine-Geeks and Ferb-Nerds: UNITE!





why isn’t there a bigger phineas & ferb fandom on tumblr

come on guys that show is incredible

have you met the pnfamily

i think you should meet the pnfamily

The pnfamily confuses me. Like is it a separate thing from the fandom, or are they the same thing? Am I in it or am I just following a bunch of people who are in it? How does this stuff work?

It’s like a fanclub to keep away from the bad part of the fandom, a place where any ship is accepted and no diaper fetishes are allowed.This would be the best place to find other adults and teens who like the show.The fandom is mostly 10-12 yr olds and the main tag is 78% instagrams of agent p merchandise and memes, so pnfamily is to discuss the show while avoiding that

Precisely the above! It’s basically just a huge “social family” that is super understanding, friendly, and hilarious. This is where people can rant about what they want to see in episodes to come, talk about things that they absolutely adore about the show, whine about how their favorite ship isn’t as popular as they want it to be I’m so guilty for this, and discuss serious matters about a children’s cartoon with a dignified, respectable manner not really. There’s also a lot of PnFamily activities, such as the Secret Santa exchange and the PnFamily Appreciation Letters, as well as a movie night thing that I need to get involved with eventually. 

We’re all a big happy family united under one thing - our love for Phineas and Ferb!

Spreading the Love


Don’t you love when you make somebody love Phineas and Ferb? XD I have a friend, she really liked Phineas and Ferb, and when I found out, I started showing her 100 episodes she hadn’t seen, and then she started loving it XD and now, she hasn’t seen some episodes that I love! XD She just asked me for the names of the new episodes, and I told her to watch bully bromance breakup, minor monogram, buford confidencial,  doonkelberry imperative… I can’t wait for her to see these!!! XD

today she saw Lotsa lakes, and she loved the frenemies song XD Although she’s not as obssesed as I am with PnF, she’s the only one that I can talk about PnF at home XD

New P&F Episodes


omg I love the new Phineas and Ferb episode.

Super geekdom happening, Medieval times, Doof as Maleficent, a battle that honestly made me think of the battle at Narnia, the battle’s song reminded me of a Tobuscus literal, Ferb gets awesome lines, and a Neverending story kind of reference.

I just love this show.

 So do I~! So do a lot of other people~! ^^ And these time shift episodes are the BOMB!